Our mission is to help the fitness community and allow fitness-minded individuals to better accomplish their goals by introducing equipment that prevents serious long term injuries and improves the workout experience.

Wany Reyes & Co. is committed to improve the fitness industry through our protective kneepad, the Fitkneeler. Our goal is to prevent athletes, and fitness-enthusiastic individuals from getting injured by doing what they love... Exercising!

What is the Fitkneeler?
It is a Protective Kneedpad made with Polyurethane Foam (PU)which is a non-Toxic and Phthalate Free material.

This revolutionary protective sports kneepad is created to support the knees and lower back during kneeling workouts. The Fitkneeler provides a better and safer way to exercise.

Its cushioned, comfortable, soft, firm, and perfectly contoured knee cups enhance the stability, balance, and support needed during exercise or kneeling yoga poses.

The Fitkneeler Protective Kneepad is 100% waterproof for indoor/outdoor use. It is easy to clean, highly resistant to chemicals and it is made with a durable material. In addition, The Fitkneeler does not slip and it is light weight with a carry-on handle.

Who is behind the Fitkneeler and why?

Its creator is Wany Reyes, a former NPC/IFBB national & international amateur level bikini competitor. An immigrant native to the Dominican Republic, Reyes competed in South Florida from June 2010 until April 2017. During this time she won several overall shows, including the 2013 Arnold International Classic Amateur Show in Columbus, OH, where she placed in the top 3. She also placed 3rd & 8th in two different NPC Nationals Shows. She became the first woman to internationally represent the Dominican Republic in bodybuilding competitions. By accomplishing so much, Reyes opened the door for other athletes from the island to pursue their dreams of competing at an international scale.  

Divatron, (as her son Denzel dubbed her), has a signature style and a unique stage presence, which when accompanied by her amazing physique and bubbly personality, has allowed Reyes to thrive in the bodybuilding industry.

After years in the fitness industry and training tons of women, Reyes noticed the need for a kneepad that properly cushioned the knees and supported the lower back of every body type, and so after many modifications and improvements, the Fitkneeler was created. She is determined to share the great benefits of the Fitkneeler with the fitness world.